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MPI Collector Vehicle Program

The Collector Vehicle Program (or CVP) is an MPI insurance product and specialized license plate, modeled on pleasure use and seasonal driving, for owners of collector vehicles, including motorcycles.

It recognizes the care taken to maintain these special vehicles and the limited time spent on the road. It also provides year round insurance coverage, without needing to switch to layup, at a reduced premium approximately 55% of the ANNUAL Basic Pleasure rate. Lastly, it provides more convenience and better protection for collector vehicle owners.

MAAC is proud to play an important part in this program by acting as vehicle qualification analysts.

For faster service, please review the information below as well as the MPI website before contacting us.

Most of your questions will be answered there…

The CVP is available to owners whose vehicle(s) are:

  • passenger vehicles, motorcycles, and light trucks (gross vehicle weight of 4,540 kgs or less),
  • used for Pleasure use only under Basic Autopac,
  • at least 25 years old,
  • maintained at a value of at least $5,000 or over $4,000 for motorcycles.

With the CVP, owners of eligible cars and light trucks have choices of how their insurance can work. In some cases, purchasing a combination of Lay-up and Basic Autopac may result in less expensive premiums, although Lay-up does not provide all-perils coverage.

You can obtain an estimate for your vehicle’s rates under the CVP using the online MPI Insurance Rate Calculator and choosing ‘Collector’ from the list of available insurance choices.

*** Special Vehicle Qualification Is Required ***

This eligibility criteria is verified through the qualification process for passenger vehicles and light trucks; owners of motorcycles already self-declare the value, therefore the qualification process is not required for motorcycles.

Because of our close working relationship with MPI, and because we’re recognized as the voice of the collector vehicle hobby in Manitoba, MAAC has been selected to assist with the CVP by qualifying vehicles on behalf of MPI.

Once you have filled out the CVP qualification form, you can contact your nearest MAAC Qualifier listed below to arrange an appointment.

There is no charge for this qualification.

At the appointment, you will be required to bring your vehicle and the completed 2 page qualification form to the qualifier for review. If your vehicle meets the minimum age and value, the MAAC Qualifier will approve and stamp your qualification form.

You will then take your approved qualification form to your local MPI broker to join the program and apply for the special retro yellow license plate. Personalized plates can be ordered and will not have to begin with ‘CL’. Those with existing personalized plates can transfer their slogan to the new collector plate for the normal plate replacement fee.

For more detailed information on the Collector Vehicle Program, and to download a copy of the qualification form, please click here.
A direct link to the Collector Vehicle Qualification Form is here.


NOTE: If you do not see a Qualifier located near you or have other questions, please contact Bob Chubala at 204-229-0397 or contact him by E-mail

*** Be sure to bring BOTH pages of your qualification form to the MAAC Qualifier! ***

Eastern Region - Oakbank / Dugald / Anola


NamePhoneAlternate PhoneE-mail
North / EastJordan Hutlet204-471-6903Contact

Winnipeg - Inside Perimeter

AreaNamePhoneAlternate PhoneE-mail
North / EastRandy Zaborniak204-663-6695Contact
North / EastJim Nemeth 204-981-4370Contact
North / WestBernard Harfield 204-668-2330Contact
North / WestColin Gow204-981-5019Contact
South / CentralLarry D'Argis 204-799-1896Contact
SouthCraig Winters204-771-1127Contact
SouthMarvin Friesen 204-293-9511 (cell) Contact
South / WestAllan Holmberg 204-294-6069Contact
South / West David Lenton 204-795-5050Contact
South / WestRalph Thomas Contact
South / WestDavid Blixt204-792-5796 Contact
EastPat Mooney 204-771-8000 Contact
EastBob Swaffer 204-661-0848Contact
EastWade Weber 204-799-3044 (cell)204-669-4251 (home)Contact
EastDoug Bedford 204-667-1002Contact
EastBrett Campbell204-781-2923Contact
CentralRick Unruh204-471-1385Contact

Winnipeg - Just outside the Perimeter

AreaNamePhoneAlternate PhoneE-mail
West St. PaulColin Gow 204-981-5019Contact
HeadingleyDarrell Bracken 204-896-4643Contact
North / WestGary Farkas 204-736-2952Contact
Stonewall / InterlakeRay Landygo Contact
StonewallRaymond Millis 204-981-7714Contact

Western Region / Brandon / Portage La Prairie / Parkland Area

AreaNamePhoneAlternate PhoneE-mail
BrandonDave Burba 204-729-5808Contact
BrandonKen Ewasiuk 204-573-4481Contact
BrandonMurray Holden204-728-6238 (home)204-726-3972 (cell) Contact
BrandonBarry Mansoff 204-724-5556Contact
BrandonDavid Robinson 204-483-3357Contact
BrandonRob Rose 204-728-4016Contact
BrandonPete Sarkonak Contact
BrandonJim Stewart 204-729-8875 (home)204-724-4449 (cell)Contact
Brandon / SouthwestDavid Maguire 204-724-3288 (cell)204-725-0835 (home)Contact
Brandon / ShiloMike Villers204-573-8479 (cell)204-763-4121 (home)Contact
Brandon / Oak LakeLynn Coulter Contact
Brandon / WestmanRuss Dayman204-728-5470Contact
Parkland Area (Grandview)Glen Turner204-546-3459Contact
Portage la PrairieNorm Wiebe 204-771-8000 Contact
Portage la PrairieBrad Sanderson 204- 204-871-5545 Contact

Selkirk / Interlake

AreaNamePhoneAlternate PhoneE-mail
Selkirk / PetersfieldMarcel Lemire 204-738-2488 (home)204-485-6899 (cell)Contact
Selkirk / PetersfieldJohn Vandenberg 204-738-2596Contact
GimliSteve Affleck 204-642-4844Contact
GimliJohn Hykawy 204-641-5444Contact
Arborg / RivertonBernie Kratzer 204-771-0069Contact
Winnipeg BeachKerry Gluck204-899-0242Contact

Eastern Region / Whiteshell

AreaNamePhoneAlternate PhoneE-mail
BeausejourJon Delannoy 204-268-4467Contact
BeausejourTyler Scarfe 204-268-4746Contact
BeausejourRobert Lidster204-268-2275Contact
SteinbachNorm Wiebe 204-856-9607Contact
Lac Du BonnetFrank Hall204-340-0935Contact

Southern Region / Whiteshell

AreaNamePhoneAlternate PhoneE-mail
SteinbachWally Breer 204-326-1730Contact
SteinbachRick Fast 204-434-6611Contact
SteinbachDennis Martin 204-326-2408Contact
SteinbachJerold Hiebert204-371-8519Contact
South Eastern RegionDon Bergen 204-362-2384Contact

Southen Region / Carman / Morden / Winkler

AreaNamePhoneAlternate PhoneE-mail
CarmanArthur Lepp 204-745-7054Contact
CarmanJohn Neustaeder 204-745-7387Contact
Morden / WinklerDon Bergen204-362-2384Contact
Morden / WinklerDave Walsh 204-894-3536Contact
AltonaDon Elias 204-324-7569Contact
AltonaJoe Hildebrandt204-324-4001 (home)204-324-6474 (cell) Contact
AltonaRuss Toews 204-324-6947Contact
GretnaMorley Lungal 204-327-5304 (home)204-304-1102 (mobile)Contact
MorrisKelly Schellenberg 204-746-8004Contact
Crystal CityIke Reimer204-873-2015 (home)204-208-0580 (mobile)Contact

Northern Region

AreaNamePhoneAlternate PhoneE-mail
ThompsonRob Van Drunen Contact


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