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Welcome to MAAC The Manitoba Association of Automobile Clubs

MAAC is a non-profit Association dedicated to the promotion and protection of the Collector, Antique and Specialty Vehicle Hobby in Manitoba. We will continue to be a major Stakeholder representing the views of all the above mentioned vehicle owners on matters concerning the Automotive Hobby with the agencies of the Federal, Provincial, City, and Municipal Governments. MAAC is made up of 56 specialty vehicle clubs from around the province with over 2,000 specialty vehicle owners and enthusiasts.

MAAC works as a liaison with police agencies to promote programs for the safe operation of motor vehicles and publicly promote MAAC and their Associate Clubs on the policy of safe and responsible vehicle use. MAAC assists Associate Clubs in coordinating and advertising their club events. We promote and encourage youth to take an interest in the specialty vehicle hobby, and maintain a working relationship with SEMA.

MAAC advocates and promotes the safe and responsible enjoyment of classic and specialty vehicles as well as motorcycles. MAAC does not in any way condone illegal activity such as street racing, dangerous driving, or tire squealing. MAAC and its members clubs enjoy being strong supporters of various initiatives in the Manitoba community, including numerous local charities, youth initiatives, and car shows around the province.


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